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We take pride in the fact that what we build is LEED registered. And being LEED registered is our ‘standard’ so it makes perfect sense that we would one day explore alternative energies. So partnering with SAIT (The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and NSERC (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council) we found ourselves building a collection of four townhouses in the vibrant community of Kensington.

ab2015-09-10_17-08-37SMOur collaborative applied research involved the design, installation and ongoing monitoring of photovoltaic systems on these 16 Kensington townhouses. On-going and resulting research will help us determine if investing in solar technologies is viable for future projects.

“Sustainable building takes focus, energy and creativity,” explains Steve Norris, our project manager. “It’s great to receive outside recognition for the project, and for the GBT/ARIS groups – there are a lot of creative sustainable projects contributing to the Calgary community that deserve exposure.”

GBT researchers are working with us to monitor and evaluate the four different solar systems. Comparisons are being made to determine which solar panel tilt, brand and micro-inverter system will be the best investment for homeowners over time. Homeowners are also able to track and observe their energy production and consumption through a web-based system.

We look forward to learning more about how these solar panels can improve monthly energy use.


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