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The Best of Calgary

New to Calgary? Here’s a list of popular attractions and places around Calgary that new residents should visit at least once: Calgary Zoo Considered one of the best zoos in North America by many travelers and tourists, Calgary Zoo is Canada’s leader when it comes to wildlife conservation and research. The zoo his home to a variety of wildlife and their supporting ecosystems from around the world. With a multitude of activities, events, and destinations for the whole family to enjoy, Calgary Zoo is ranked as the best attraction to visit.

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What do Townhomes and Condos Have to Offer Homebuyers?

If you’re planning on downsizing, or even finding a new home fit for yourself or a small family, townhomes and condos are normally the go-to option. Both are viable choices if you want a small space to call your own without having to spend money every month for rent.

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Canada Home Values for 2016

In June 2016 the average home value reached $503,301 in Canada. This reflects an 11.2 percent increase from last year’s rate, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. That figure equals an increase of $50,610 in the average price, more than the typical Canadian earns in a year. In a sense, a condo or house for sale made more money than most people did last year.

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Finding Your Perfect Home

Tired of paying rent for a home or apartment that you’re not too crazy about? Ready to move on to a place that will grow with you? You’re not alone! Many prospective first-time homeowners have trouble searching for homes, especially when they have their dream home in the back of their mind. A good way to start looking is to take time to write separate lists of what you need, versus what you want out of a home.

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Find the Best Builder of New Townhomes in Calgary

If you are seeking new townhouse property in Calgary, research the best builders and shop around for townhomes for sale.  Whether you want to purchase a custom-built house, a townhouse or a new infill, make sure that the property in Calgary is being offered by a reputable company and is a quality investment.

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