The Best of Calgary

New to Calgary? Here’s a list of popular attractions and places around Calgary that new residents should visit at least once:

Calgary Zoo

Considered one of the best zoos in North America by many travelers and tourists, Calgary Zoo is Canada’s leader when it comes to wildlife conservation and research. The zoo his home to a variety of wildlife and their supporting ecosystems from around the world. With a multitude of activities, events, and destinations for the whole family to enjoy, Calgary Zoo is ranked as the best attraction to visit.

Heritage Park

The Heritage Park Historical Village offers a large range of events and activities available year-round for anyone to enjoy. From dining and shopping to entertainment, this historic and fun location always has something to enjoy.

Canada Olympic Park

Operated by WinSport Canada, the Canada Olympic Park is the perfect place to get in touch with your athletic side. With a range of recreational activities and sporting events, this park offers everything you need to get active including skiing and snowboarding hills, mountain biking trails, and even a challenge course and zip line for those warm summer months.


Historical or art buff? Then you don’t want to miss a trip to Calgary’s Glenbow Museum. Offering remarkable art pieces that bridges art from cultures all around the world, this museum is a great place to appreciate both the historical and contemporary facets of our lives. The collection features over a million pieces, from documents to art, making this worthy museum one of the biggest in Canada.

Calgary Tower

This 191-meter beauty is located right in Calgary’s downtown core, and offers a fantastic view of the city right on its Observation Deck. But the view doesn’t stop there; the observation deck even allows a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains, foothills, and prairies that go beyond the bustling city.

Devonian Gardens

Devonian Gardens offers a type of “indoor oasis,” being one of few indoor parks found in North America. With over 500 trees, 50 varieties of plant life, and multiple ponds, this relaxing environment feels just like a natural park outdoors, making it a perfect spot to experience nature with all the pleasantries of benches and dining areas. Not to mention Devonian Gardens is located within the Core, Calgary’s downtown shopping center, making Calgary’s best multiple shopping and dining options only a few steps away.

Fort Calgary

Another historical site worth visiting is Fort Calgary, not far from downtown Calgary. This location offers exciting, interactive tours, exhibits, and school programs, that both educate and inspire a new love for Calgary’s history. There are also many activities including dinner theatre and various dining options that are worth checking out.

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