Sarina’s Contribution to Smart Growth

Calgary Supports Smart Growth

As one of the fastest growing cities in North America, Calgary’s housing developments have naturally grown with the budding economy. Initially the tide of traditional development was honed and the process, perfected. However, with the economic growth and developing infrastructure, there has been a greater shift towards communities built upwards rather than outwards. Maximizing on urban density has been deemed a more economical solution to the issue of urban sprawl in our city.

Sarina’s New Condo Development
Building upwards diminishes the need for expansion in terms of roads and infrastructure and reduces property taxes simultaneously. This trend was previously pushed aside a few years ago but has taken hold again with building companies like our own! Our latest condo development, Avenue 33, introduces a big step away from the townhouses and towards a smart growth development that is focused on providing the feeling of a community while catering to the current state of the economy.

Condo developments have been gradually popping up in areas such as Bridgeland and Mission and we believe Avenue 33 will not only acclimate to Calgary’s Marda Loop community, but will also thrive. The customizable units can not only accommodate a range of budgets and buyers, but it can do so without compromising a particular lifestyle. Sarina builds communities for you!

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