Finding Your Perfect Home

Tired of paying rent for a home or apartment that you’re not too crazy about? Ready to move on to a place that will grow with you? You’re not alone! Many prospective first-time homeowners have trouble searching for homes, especially when they have their dream home in the back of their mind. A good way to start looking is to take the time, to write separate lists of what you need, versus what you want out of a home. For example, you may need more space if you plan on starting a family.

Here are some things to think about as you create your list:

How Long Do I Want to Live There?

If you’re about to invest money into a home, it’s better if it’s something that you plan on living in for a few years.Moving takes a lot of effort, time, and money. You also need to think about the other expenses that may add up for your home within the first few months to a year: closing costs, installation for additional features, property taxes, etc. Staying in one place longer will cut down on these costs down the road. If you don’t plan on going anywhere else after this move, consider a home that you know you’ll be comfortable spending the rest of your life in.


As your life changes, your ideal home should be able to change with you. For example, if you have older children who will be moving out soon, the home you look for should have rooms that have multiple functions; in other words, a room that you could easily convert from a bedroom into an office space, for example.


Where you live is just as important as what home you decide to live in. Come up with an idea of what kind of commute you prefer when it comes to work or school and apply it to your search. Also think about a commute to important places you’ll frequent (such as grocery stores, gas stations, etc.). What’s the most you’re willing to travel for these things?

Once you’ve made your list, now you can focus on the bigger picture. Look for homes that first and foremost meet your needs before wants, and you’ll find your perfect home in no time.

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