Find the Best Builder of New Townhomes in Calgary

If you are seeking new townhouse property in Calgary, research the best builders and shop around for townhomes for sale. Whether you want to purchase a custom-built house, a townhouse or a new infill, make sure that the property in Calgary is being offered by a reputable company and is a quality investment.

Once you know exactly how much you want to spend, the area you want to live in and the type of property you want to purchase, put together a list of established builders that offer new developments in Calgary.

Browse real estate ads in magazines and newspapers

A good place to start is by browsing free magazines that are placed around Calgary.  Source Media Group’s New Home Living and YP NextHome’s New Home Guide both feature ads from developers and builders. Also, glance through newspaper real estate ads.

Use online resources

A good online resource for listings of townhomes for sale in Calgary and new developments in Calgary is the Canadian Home Builders Association.  CHBA is a regional website that offers lists of builders who are constructing new homes in the area.

You may find a surprising number of builders advertising similar new townhouses in the same neighbourhood as the one you admired in a newspaper ad or magazine spread just days earlier.

Ask new buyers

Word of mouth advertising is the most reliable source around. Ask your friends, family or neighbors who have had a positive or negative experience. That’s a great way to know which builders to contact and who you should avoid.

Consult with an experienced realtor

Experienced agents are well acquainted with the top builders of new developments in Calgary. They will offer suggestions based on knowledge and experience through client interactions and business dealings with company reps.  As industry professionals, it makes sense to consider their advice but go with your gut.

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