Canada Home Values for 2016

Canada housing market

That is just the overall Canadian average. Locations like Toronto and Vancouver, where wealth is greater, brought in even higher gains for homes for sale.

It was reported earlier this year that the prices of single-family homes in Toronto are rising by approximately $550 per day. The cost of condominiums is going up $79 a day.

Currently, the Calgary housing market is improving, but that’s not the case everywhere. Depending on where you live, your home may be dropping in value.

CREA housing numbers for June 2016

Refer to the following list of figures sorted by city of residence, to determine if your house or condo has gained value or lost money over the past year:

Greater Toronto area gain: $107,362

  • Average house price: $746,546, increase of 16.8 percent

Greater Vancouver area gain: $103,881

  • Average house price: $1.026 million, increase 11.3 percent

Montreal metro area gain: $12,317

  • Average house price: $353,535, increase of 3.6 percent

Halifax-Dartmouth gain: $8,212

  • Average house price: 290,421, increase 2.9 percent

Calgary real estate

Calgary gain: $752

  • Average house price: $466,717, increase 0.2 percent

Edmonton loss: -$1,257

  • Average house price: $374,365, decrease 0.3 percent

Ottawa loss: -$5,287

  • Average house price: $378,389, decrease 1.4 percent

Calgary condo market

In addition, the latest stats for Calgary show that the condo market is currently flourishing with consistent price growth and increasing sales activity. The number of listings is up and the amount of days on the market has come down, reflecting a boost in demand.

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