Baconfest 2016

Calgary’s Development & Assessment General Manager Rollin Stanley decided to host an event three years ago that has turned into an annual event called, Baconfest. The first “Baconfest” event was a way for Stanley to share a series of short films by Ed Bacon. Ed Bacon was a very memorable city planner for the city of Philadelphia. He created a series of short films about people and cities titled Understanding Cities. Stanley’s first Baconfest shared these short films by Ed Bacon. The event was so well received it has become an annual event where like minded people come together to learn, share and connect about architecture, planning and city engagement. Most importantly, Stanley has created an event that speaks to an engaged culture that cares about Calgary.

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This year we decided to take part in Baconfest so we submitted a short film titled Urbanism. Our film spoke to the qualities of inner-city living. So we interviewed a handful of people who live in Kensington and Marda Loop and there was a consistent theme in their message; living in the inner city where people can walk to work and say hello to neighbours along the way adds to their quality of life.

This kind of community connectedness was very present in another short film that aired the same night. The short film, Twin Views Communal Garden Mural Project  captured the shear beauty of people with big hearts. A group of volunteers got together to create a community garden mural. This garden mural is truly beautiful and the way in which they built the mural is even more beautiful. This project brought young, old, alongside a group of adults with disabilities together to share, create and embrace this unique community project.

This short film is worth a watch and I guarantee it will leave you wanting to go to Dover to see this collaborative art project in person.

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