Image for New Building Community Coming to SW Calgary

New Building Community Coming to SW Calgary

Along the south-west side of Ring Road, a series of multi-billion-dollar building communities in Calgary will soon be constructed by the Tsuut’ina Nation. Chief Roy announced at a press conference in July of this year, that three integral developments in SW Calgary will be erected by the First Nation in the location south-west of the Grey Eagle Casino. This is the area that the new Ring Road will be constructed.

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Discover Inner City Condo Living Calgary

Searching for a new condo in Calgary is easy. If the inner city is where you want to live, it is very easy to narrow the search down to that one area. First, look online to see what condos are listed for sale in Calgary in your price range. Inner city living offers a great location amongst a population comprised of a variety of diverse groups. Inner city home buying After browsing the online listings of condos for sale in Calgary, get the buying process started by contacting....

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Modern Townhouse Decorating Ideas

There is something extraordinary and glamorous about the look of a townhouse. Often located in fashionable urban areas, these dwellings typically consist of at least two floors with common walls between units. Townhouses are often sought after in large cities because they are usually larger than apartments. They offer a feel of living in a somewhat traditional house. In addition, there are so many ways to create modern townhouse decor.

Image for The Benefits of Townhouse Living

The Benefits of Townhouse Living

If you have asked around and done some research, you might find that yourself hearing a lot of mixed opinions about townhouses. However, these properties are not governed by die hard homeowner associations (HOA) that will make you conform ‘or else’. In fact, townhouses are neither apartments nor houses. Not even exactly condominiums, in the traditional sense.

Image for Sarina’s Contribution to Smart Growth

Sarina’s Contribution to Smart Growth

As one of the fastest growing cities in North America, Calgary’s housing developments have naturally grown with the budding economy. Initially the tide of traditional development was honed and the process, perfected. However, with the economic growth and developing infrastructure, there has been a greater shift towards communities built upwards rather than outwards.

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